Nih, bagi yang lagi galau entah karena apa alasannya, mending baca curhatan dari Ulfah Planita (  @ulfahpb  ). Bisa dibilang curhatannya doi waktu mengalami penyakit susah move on. Tanpa gue edit ini asli dari dia dan udah minta ijin buat posting di blog gue, so, read it now :)

stop doing

From now on, i stop doing all unimportant things!, i have to do something important for my future, i have broke again with my ex, actually it make menyadarkan kalian a realise that i have been wasted my time for too long with him, all the things what i feel wif him then i write in this blog before is basicly wasted! and now, i must start my new branded day :) me with strong mind, big dream and have big power to make it happen, :D i will not ever give up with everything surround that will confusing me and make me down, i will not! this is me now! :) surely i feel so proud of my self :D

And from now, i start to make my “wish to wish” come trueee :-), i feel more grateful with this condition, next i will pass my exam, competition, ready to rehearsal and so many great plan :) i can do all of this until i reach my sucsess!! ganbatte!!  only one word that make me happy now , all of this… make me bigger now… never thought before, my relationship with someone who make me so bad and other is good and fine although before that was like a nightmare, my friends is good at all, and now is very good time to step forward and move far :)
  • i always can handle it :D,  

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"Baca tanpa komentar itu kurang lengkap seperti hati orang jomblo" :p

Jadi berkomentarlah bebas, Kritik dan saran sangat diperlukan. Asal gak SARA dan jangan ANONIM yak, nggak usah ngasih link blog, pasti dibuka kok blog kamu :))